Finally got a chance to upload this user guide of DynFlow I wrote several weeks ago. What is DynFlow? Here's an excerpt from the guide:

DynFlow is an Orchestration Designer reusable module that simplifies greatly development of IVR for Avaya Experience Portal platform.

It is implemented as a state machine that encapsulates various points of interaction in an IVR flow. Currently, DynFlow supports the following points:

  • Announcement
  • Input collection
  • Menu
  • Blind transfer
  • CTI transfer
  • Custom-logic execution

Those points are the most-commonly used in any IVR. What makes DynFlow attractive is for typical cases you can almost forget developing IVR in Orchestration Designer; it's all reduced to specifying the points in your IVR as rows in a CSV file (you can achieve almost everything by working with a spreadsheet).

You can think of DynFlow as a motor that brings that spreadsheet to motion, transitioning from one point to the next.

Without further ado, here's the doc (can also be downloaded from https://www.box.com/s/fqh7kii7nr1fbxuu3ycn ).

The binary (the JARs and the WAR of DynFlow to be deployed to Tomcat) can be downloaded from https://www.box.com/s/tv6d49e15wtxj11ulsce . The DynFlow.war also needs to be imported as Reusable Mode in the Orchestration Designer if you want to develop IVR using it. Sample IVR is also provided in the ZIP.

Write Up Dynflow by Raka Angga Jananuraga